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Saturday, October 22, 2005

A four-step process - evaluating submissions to intranets

Here is a four-step process one company uses to measure whether a submission is worthy of posting:

1. Through the portal's automated workflow, knowledge submissions are first screened by a member of the KM team. The objectives of this screening are to ensure the submission is relevant to at least one critical business process or measure and to confirm adherence to the standard KM document format.

2. After this screening, the knowledge submission goes to the community of experts for that repository. The knowledge champion or any of the other subject-matter experts checks the submission for relevance to their particular repository. As a general rule, the question they ask before approving a submission is whether the submission has the potential to help one or more units improve performance on the business measure relevant to their repository.

3. Approved submissions are “published” on the portal. In some cases, the expert may send the submission back to the submitting employee with suggested changes. Even those submissions that cannot be published are close-looped by sending an explanatory response.

4. The system automatically generates a report showing submissions pending approval beyond seven days. This report is reviewed by the president and CEOs as part of regular business reviews.

Adapted from “Establishing KM processes” by Arun Hariharan in the current issue of KM Review.

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