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Monday, August 08, 2005

My Library

This website I made to share my knowledge in library and information world. Being a practitioner in knowledge center area, I realize that knowledge sharing is the most important works for betterment in learning environment.

The collections
I collect, re-write, write articles specifically in library, information, knowledge management and learning subjects. Whole articles arranged in pdf format, mostly in my mother tongue language: Bahasa Indonesia, but often in English. I wish I could make them in order and structured, but sometimes things come up without preparation, so then I owe readers apologies. May you have advises and critiques, don’t be hesitate to knock my door and let me notice. Let have fun sharing!

The Other Links
You may be interested in my other activities in sharing what I have had to the world. From imagination world such as poets, fictions until popular scientific and academic materials. I hope it could do some benefit for all readers and help us cultivate our knowledge in good way.

Forward it to others, and let trees shares its leaves, fruits and seeds wherever they have place to grow …

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